Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your Actions Speak Much Louder Than Your Words.

Do YOU walk your talk? How about your business, does it do what it promises to do?

It's easy to say what you want to be or what your clients want to hear - it's a whole other thing to actually pull it off.

How many people do you know that truly walk their talk - live with integrity?

How about businesses - can you name any that you know will deliver on every promise they make?

Let's take it one step further - know any politicians that really walk their talk?

So many people think that success in life and business is built on saying the right thing - and they act as if DOING is irrelevant. But I will argue that what you say doesn't matter nearly as much as what you do.

Truth is, saying what you think others want to hear is called politics.

And saying whatever it takes to get someone to believe you is called sales.

Unfortunately, neither of those will build a business. They might generate short term, one-time sales, but the business won't last. The customers won't come back - because they will feel betrayed. It takes a real leader and a real business man to keep people coming back again and again, not just once. It takes walking your talk.

Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Stop telling people what they want to hear - you can't deliver on it . . . and you know it.

Instead promise ONLY what you know you can deliver - and nothing more. Become THE most reliable person in your market at walking your talk.

You don't have to promise a lot - just deliver on what you do promise every time,
and you will get more business than you know what to do with.


  1. Great post JJ! You are so absolutely correct. So many people forget that it is not just about saying the right thing, but it is about doing what you say. The worst part is that those same people who just talk and don't deliver would never accept it being done to them. The bottom line is that if everyone would just treat other people the way they want to be treated, everyone would end up happier and more successful.

  2. You're right on!

    It's simple and unfortunately difficult for most.

    Show up, follow the advice you have suggested and someone could really make something of themselves.