Thursday, May 14, 2009

If You Want To Be The Best, Stop Trying to Be Everything To Everyone

Personal, as well as Business, Greatness doesn't come from being or doing everything all the time. Instead, I believe that Greatness grows out of doing what YOU CAN do absolutely better than any one else in your market - and then doing just that until you BECOME the best at it.

So the question is, do you want to be the Greatest . . .

- In your industry?
- In your market?
- In your Job?

If so, then stop trying to do everything. . . and do what you can become best at.

If you can be the best Carpet Cleaner in your market area, then focus on being that. Live it. Breathe it. Build your business around it. Market your business that way. Be that person - which means that you should no longer do other forms of floor coverings - they will distract you from being the best at what you do.

Conversely, if you want to be and can become the best Floor Covering Cleaner in the same locale, then be that. This might mean that you aren't the BEST Carpet Cleaner. But when it comes to servicing ALL of your floor covering needs in a home or business, through a single source, then you would be the man to turn to.

Think about it. They are completely different things - requiring completely different strengths and different skills.

The difference is subtle, but the impact to your business can be profound. The key here is understanding deeply what you are capable of being the best at . . . and dominating that market - like no one else out there.

So what are you the best at?

What can you do better than anyone else in your market?

Why are you doing any thing else?

Here is an example. I'm not a big fan of Dennis Rodman, but you have to be impressed with what he did. He has some good Basketball skills, but nothing compare to most, especially since he played on the team with the best Basketball player ever, Michael Jordan. And Rodman knew he couldn't compete, if he tried to simply be a Basketball player like so many others. Had he attempted that path, he would have failed miserably. But he did have a gift, and he realized what he could be the best at - rebounding and defense. So rather than trying to be like Mike and everyone else, Dennis Rodman decided to become the best Rebounder and Defender in the NBA. And he did it, making himself a pretty penny at the same time.

The same thing happens in Baseball. There are pitchers that would be average at best if they had to pitch 8 innings each game, but as "closers" they have become the best at what they do. They come in, do their job and finish the game.

I could go on and on with sports, business and even personal examples. And I know you could too. But that's not as important as figuring out what you can be best at.

So what is it that you and your business can be best at? Figure it out and you have found your gold mine - because everyone wants the BEST person at what they do.

Spend some time thinking about this. Ask your employees what they think. And even better, ask your best customers, you might be surprised at what they say. Then, go for it. Don't just act like you are the best, BE THE BEST.

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  1. I completely, 100%, agree with what you have here. I have always believed this and I have seen how effective this can be when people stop doing what they aren't good at and just focus on what they are good at. I run a small biz and I tend to use this example: Can I write a press release? Sure. Will it be the best you can get? Probably not because I am not a writer or a PR person. Can I do my own taxes? Sure. Will I do them right and make sure I don't under or overpay things? Doubt it because I am not an accountant. I need a PR person to help with PR and I need an accountant to help with taxes. I want to be the best at what I do, so I am going to leave those things to other people.

    I will do what I am good at - you do what you are good at. Then, lets come together and form a great team.