Monday, May 25, 2009

Live Your Life As If Someone Sacrificed Their Life For You. . . Because Thousands Have.

The story of America's quest for freedom is inscribed
on her history in the blood of her patriots.

Randy Vader

Today is a both a solemn and celebratory day. It is a day that we remember all of the men and women who have given us the Liberty that we so dearly cherish in our country. And it is also a day where we celebrate the fun and joy that is at the heart of our Country as the summer is now upon us.

We have all been given a special gift - the gift of freedom and liberty. And unlike any other place on this Earth or in time in History, we have the opportunity to pursue OUR happiness, as WE define it, thanks to the sacrifices of those that have given their lives to defend our way of living.

Honor them.

Make them proud.

Live the life that you have been given the opportunity to live. It is truly the best way to repay them for their sacrifice.

I believe one of the most powerful "movie" moments of all time to me was when Capt Miller (played by Tom Hanks) in Saving Private Ryan looks at Private James Ryan (played by Matt Damon) and in his last breath says to him, "James, earn this." referring to the sacrifice of hundreds of men for his life.

Truth is, we all need to earn this - earn our lives. We all need to earn the liberty and freedom that have been given to us by those who sacrificed before us. It's one thing to reflect on their sacrifice - it's a whole other thing to actually make their sacrifice worthwhile by living the best life that we can live.

On this special day, please take a moment to reflect and honor every one who has given their lives so that both you and I can wake up free and chase our dreams and goals - as we so desire.

Live Your Life As If Someone Sacrificed Their Life For You. . . Because Thousands Have.

Finally, let me share with you an incredible audio essay that Glenn Beck did not long ago. It is a bit longer than ten minutes, but I promise it is worth the time. I like it, because it is written from the perspective of the fallen soldier, and will surely warm your heart and bring a tear to you eye.

Click here to listen

Thank you for the honor to have served for you in the Navy for 20 years.

Happy Memorial Day,


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  1. JJ,

    THANK YOU for your service and the sacrifices that go with serving your country.