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Leveraging The Talents Of Moms (Part II)

Yesterday, in Part I of this 4 Part Blog about Leveraging the Power of Moms, I spoke about the untapped "network" marketing resource that Moms are - especially for small businesses. I went into the basics of how Moms can be incredible Networking sources for businesses they patronize (as a small business owner) and how Moms can leverage what they already do . . . every day . . . to generate income and help their friends and family.

Sounds like a win-win for all concerned, which is the great transition to today's topic.

Win-Win For All Concerned - the talent pool is very deep and there is a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

How many stay-at-home Moms do you know?

How many Moms do you know want to stay-at-home, but don't know how to do it financially?

How many of those Moms have more talent and capacity to help others (whether it be businesses, friends or families) than they are currently able to realize - let alone be compensated for?

In case you are wondering, as of 2007, there were an estimated 5.6 Million Stay-At-Home Moms in the US and over 11.4 Million Single Moms who almost always are looking for ways to be better Moms while supporting their children.

So how can this work out for both Moms and the business community? How can this be a Win-Win for businesses and Moms where everyone is getting what they need?

Well to be honest, it starts with understanding each others needs and desires and being creative in trying to make those .

What Do Today's Businesses Need?

More than anything, today's businesses need employees that are committed to their vision - willing to give of themselves to the business as the owner does.

But they need more as well. They need expertise in areas outside of their own - outside the technical aspects of their business.

They need organizational help - putting everything in its place and making sure there is a place for everything in the business.

They need administrative help - handling paper work, taking care of administrative tasks that they just aren't good at.

They need help with dealing with customers - trusting people who understand their customers and will treat them the way the owner wants them to be treated.

They need marketing / network help - finding new customers and getting them to walk through the doors or call on phone (which was the topic in Part I).

And in most cases, small business owners can not afford to hire someone full time to do any of this work - so the work doesn't get done . . . and they stagnate in the ability to grow their business.

What do Mom's Need?

More than anything, most Mom's need to find a way to continue to grow and contribute outside of their children - contribute to their family financially, the community, to something bigger than themselves, and to have a feeling of independence (even within the context of a very loving relationship).

It's not a matter of not wanting to be there for their kids (that's why they choose the life they choose) - it's a matter of maintaining a connection with the outside in such a way as to both keep their finger on the pulse of adult life and nurture other elements of their needs - that our culture has nurtured in their psyche.

Some Of Strongest Long Term Bonds Between Boss And Employee Start This Way

It's amazing when I look back at my life and the relationships that I have seen grow between Moms who started part-time with an employer to help out and where they have gone.

A Stay-At-Home Mom, friend of the family, with gifted administrative skills who came in 3 days a week for a couple hours a day to help my Dad in the Mortgage Business he was running - that was 25 years ago. My Father has retired, but she is the right hand of my brother who stepped in to his shoes.

A Stay-At-Home Mom, with natural sales gifts, offers to help a friend sell his product and goes on to become a partner in the business. That business was just a small business when the two teamed up with sales less than $100,000 annually. Now the business is booming with over 50 employees, and sales estimated this year of $15 Million.

A Single Mom, in order to make a little extra money on the weekends starts doing accounting work for her accountant. Takes the money she earned with the part support to put her son through college and pay off her home 10 years early - giving her financial independence and strength to start her own Accounting Business.

All It Takes Is Asking Questions And Listening

Whether you are a small business owner or a Mom, there are no magic tricks here. What it takes is knowing who you are, what you are need and are willing to provide to fulfill those needs, and understanding the needs of those around you.

In each case, the relationships I described above started when two people stopped long enough to become more than just casual friends and listen to each other and understand their needs. Because you will be amazed at how much can be gained by understanding others - and reaching out to serve them as well as allowing them to serve you.

A List Of Web Pages To Check Out

Finally, to close out this part, whether you are a Business Person or a Mom, check out the following web pages to find out how to take advantage of these ideas and create a Win-Win that will change the lives of all involved

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