Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Life Lesson I Learned From My Children

Life happens.
Embrace it.
Enjoy it for all that it gives you each day.
Learn from your past - don't dwell on it.
Live today as you are - as if there will be no tomorrow.
And for tomorrow, do your best to take one small step closer
To being the YOU that you dream of becoming.

It is truly amazing how life happens - even when we do our best to try to control it. We set goals and define our vision for the future - but what we sometimes forget is that LIFE is what happens as go about trying to fulfill our goals and our vision.

Too often, we take that message as a sign that we shouldn't try to define our future. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We must know what we want to become, and then start being that person today.

Funny how I was reminded how to live life once again, by my two children. They look at things so simply. It's amazing to me, how we so often overlook their ageless wisdom. Too often, we think we get wiser as we get older. But in my ways, as we mature and become institutionalized by society, we bury the wisdom that is naturally within us - part of our genetic code. We forget that life is a gift and meant to be lived every day.

This past weekend was an amazing weekend for me - it is always good to connect with what matters most and have your vision appear in the eyes of our children - reflected back upon you.

One of the most important things to me is that my two children, Garret and Turner, feel that I am there for them (often a tough thing being a part-time Dad, who lives halfway across the country). I really do my best, but sometimes forget that in order tBoldo become that man, I must be that man today.

This weekend I was reminded to live my vision TODAY, not wait for someday. I can want something very wonderful, but if I don't live it today - it won't come true. I learned that life is what happens while I am there with them: holding their hands walking in town or hiking in the woods, helping them with their homework, having a catch with a baseball, or helping them build mock shelters in their back yard.

Summer is upon us. With the warmth and beautiful weather, it is a wonderful season to look at your life and what you want. The time to begin removing the excuses that limit you from living the way you want to live. And just start doing!!!

So do something different today. Find one small thing that is preventing you from being who you want to be - and eliminate that excuse - what ever it is. And live one step closer to who you have always dreamed of becoming . . . TODAY.

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  1. Don’t you find it amazing how certain checkpoints in life can help us re-focus, re-commit and REMIND us of the amazing journey of life?

    Sounds like you had a very wonderul weekend -Amazing how children can be some of our BEST teachers, examples - if we let them!
    Thanks for the inspirational post JJ ...