Thursday, March 5, 2009

Focus On What You Want Every Day

When was the last time you faced your goals? I don't mean casually thinking that you have goals, I mean actually reading and reviewing them.

If its been more than a day, then its been too long.

Goals exist for one reason and one reason only - to drive your actions. To get you to take charge of your life by creating what you want instead of just letting life happen to you. But if you aren't reviewing your goals regularly - if they aren't "top of mind" for you - then you are most likely not taking direct actions to cause them to become a reality.

It doesn't mean that you aren't working hard or doing good work. It just means that your work isn't completely aligned with what you are trying to create. Its usually just work.

Unfortunately, lets face it, most people don't reach their goals. Why is that?

Is it because they were too lofty?

Is it because they didn't try?

Is it because they really didn't want their goals?

The answer to all of these things is usually NO, though they may have been contributing factors. The real reason, the underlying cause, that most people do NOT reach their goals is simple - they forgot they had them - or they ignored them as they made critical daily decisions. They didn't take them into account when they needed to each and every time they made a decision that affected whether or not they goal would come true.

So start your day different tomorrow than you have every other day this week (and last). Start your day by reviewing your goals, by reading them out loud. By facing them and making them part of your day. And ask yourself when you are done - what one thing can I do today, to get me one step closer to making those goals a reality.


  1. Lindy, Thank you very much for the comment. Funny how powerful one word can be. JJ