Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Difference is DOING!

There are people that will tell you that you need more knowledge or more money before you can start to pursue your dreams.

Sad thing is that we believe them.

And because of that, all too often, we give up our dreams long before we ever took a single step to achieve them. We see the enormous list of things that must be accomplished before we can have what we want and we freeze in our tracks - unable to take even the very first simple step or the journey.

It just doesn't need to be that hard.

From every story I can find about great people throughout history, their journeys all started with a small step - followed by another, and yet another. In fact they would all tell you that their greatness wasn't in the result of their lives - it was the daily practice of creating it - in LIVING EVERY DAY.

Sometimes the daily steps are in the right direction - sometimes they're not. Sometimes you will stumble and even get lost for days, weeks or even years of your life. And when you stop and re-focus, you find your way back to your vision.

However, this I know for sure, if you focus on what you want - EVERY DAY - and commit to taking one small step each day that will move you closer to those goals, you will get there. You can't help but get there. It may take your entire lifetime, but you will get what you want. And more importantly you will have lived the life that you choose - each day of your journey. And for that you will have achieved true greatness.

So rather than coming up with the million reasons not to take the first step, or the second. Just take it. Just live your life by DOING what you can today!

And start the process anew tomorrow.


  1. Ralph Waldo Emerson said - “We are always getting ready to live, but never living.” Your post was a beautiful reminder to take action now! Very inspiring! Thanks.

  2. Alright already!! "Baby step" as they said in my fav movie "What About Bob." You are right though, it must start with a single step; and you eat an elephant one bite at a time. :D Thank you for putting this in such a powerful frame.

  3. Great post - thanks