Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Yourself Happy Whenever You Want

All too often, people think that their feelings emanate from somewhere inside themselves that they can't control. They are happy, sad, fearful, angry or even jealous, because of something that is out of their control. Not true - nothing could be further from the truth.

Your feelings are yours and yours alone. You can choose any one of those feelings at anytime, regardless of your circumstances.

Think about it, could you make yourself depressed right now? How about angry? Or even sad?

I know I could. It's so easy to get yourself worked up over negative actions and thoughts which generate negative feelings. But believe it or not, it's just as easy to do the same thing with positive feelings - but most of us rarely choose to do it.

If you want to be happy - then choose it. Smile. Dance. Run. Skip. Eat Chocolate. Play Golf. Be Happy. Whatever it is that makes YOU happy.

Act happy, think happy thoughts, and you will feel it.

If you want to be proud of yourself - then choose it. Do the things that you know make you feel proud and stop focusing on the ones that strip you of that feeling.

Act proud, think prideful thoughts, and you will feel proud of yourself.

I know, this all sounds so simple. In truth, it is. What's difficult . . . is actually doing it, because we often forget that we have this power over our own lives.

So as you go about your day today, rather than letting your feelings just "happen" to you, choose to feel the way you want to feel - and make those feelings a reality.


  1. Um... What happens when the chocolate runs out, and you are now fat, to boot?

    What happens when the music stops and the dance ends because you are exhausted.

    These things you suggest are expressions.

    Why does your article's premise assert you need *do* or *have* anything to make yourself happy? Biz blues or no biz blues. It works the same no matter what the situation.

    You're close, but consider eliminating the crutch of things or actions, to achieve continual happiness that is unaffected by circumstances, and see where that takes you.

  2. Years ago, I was an Empowerment Leader/Coach for businesses and individuals. One day, the group that I was leading just decided they were not going to show up. Here I was at the place of business and they wouldn't participate. It was a very challenging moment... It would have been easy to get offended and walk away - never return but I chose to put the responsibility back on them. I simply told them that if they wanted me to return they could give me a call. They did call back and long story short - it had nothing to do with me personally. They were having issues inside and that caused them to behave negatively to those outside of them. It was a great learning moment for me. So true - we choose to be happy INISIDE regardless of what is going on outside of us. And there are some days when chocolate, dancing and music really help add to my mood! I feel really grateful for the options we have available to grab onto to add pleasure to our moments. Life is a balancing act - and we get to be responsible for the things we choose to 'fill up' our time...
    As for me and my soul - I choose to invite happiness IN - one little moment at a time! Thanks for the happy thoughts …

  3. Great post - feelings are very much a CHOICE, and we all have instincts to small cues that do inspire us. Cheers.