Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stop Waiting For The Phone To Ring

Regardless of your industry or size of your business, many of you are saying the same thing, "Business seems to be drying up. The phone just isn't ringing like it used to."

Why is that? Is it all the recession? Or is there something that you are or aren't doing that is contributing to your current situation?

If you ask me, the recession is a contributing factor, but it isn't the only reason your sales and profits are down. In my opinion, blaming some THING or some ONE else is a victim's attitude.

With every crisis, there is an opportunity to create a new success. So your job is to find that opportunity and seize it - to take the actions that no one else is willing or able to take in your market.

And so, I offer to you that making the phone ring and customers walk through your door isn't something you can fix today. It required weeks of work and investment in marketing that should have begun long before now. So stop stressing about it. Use that energy to launch yourself to the next level. And focus on what you can do NOW to affect your business tomorrow, next week and next month.

You see, you can't change your current reality any more than you can change your past. You are where you are right now, because of your actions (or in-actions) of the past. Today, you can only change your future, not your present. So unless you want to have the same conditions next month as you have today, it's time to look at what different actions you are going to take RIGHT NOW to change your current reality into what you want for the future.

The next couple months and years are going to be tough. But I can promise you this, they will be a lot tougher, if you don't get involved and start taking control of your own destiny. Odds are no one is going to bail you out.

Of all the times to be a business owner - now is not the time to sit on the sideline and wait for customers to find you. Get out there and be willing to take chances. Start taking control of your business - take control of your marketing and rather than waiting for your phone to ring, MAKE IT RING.

Make your potential customers choose you over every other option they have to spend their money.

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