Monday, March 16, 2009

Be Who You Need To Be

When creating the life you want to have (to live life on purpose), the first step is know what you want. You'd be amazed how at how few people actually know the answer to this question.

The next step is to honestly look at where you are. This is difficult, because most people tend to see their lives as they want to see them, not as they truly are. To see your life as it truly is, you need tools that provide objectivity.

Just getting to this point can be exhausting. So it's no wonder that for those that reach this point, few have the strength or the skills to go any further. And thus many people get to this point and FREEZE. They have a dream, and they figure out where they are, but they don't know how to create their dream - how to take their dream from thought to action.

And the reason they struggle is because they are most likely looking at their problem from the wrong viewpoint.

Most people try to solve problems from the viewpoint from where they are currently, rather than the viewpoint of who they want to be. And this doesn't work.

If you don't believe me, listen to Einstein, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

So what thinking "or perspective" are you supposed to use? Simple, think from the perspective that the problem is already solved. See the world as you want it to be and then figure out how you got there.

It sounds completely crazy, I know. Even as I try to come up with the words to explain it in this Blog, it seems insane. That is, until you see it work. So let me use an example to better explain.

Let's say that you are currently a small yard-care service provider and you have been making$50K in profit every year for the past 4 years. But this year, you want something bigger, you are tired of working your butt off for just $50K. This year your goal is to double your profit ($100K) in your yard service this year. If you try to solve the problem moving forward, what should your fist step be? You could sit there for hours, trying to figure that out, and struggle, because first you need to see what a $100K profit company looks like. You need to understand how figure out how many jobs are required, how many employees are needed, understand the marketing strategy of the larger company and the list goes on. The truth is, no matter, how you look at it from your current status, the most you will really be able generate in growth is 10-15%, not 100%.

Instead, you must first become the owner of a $100,000 profit company and look around yourself and see what you see.

You know that last year, it took everything you could do on your own to do the work necessary to create the profits you did last year, so when you see your $100k business in your mind, you know you are going to have to have employees. But how many? Most likely two to three. So if you want to accomplish this goal, you are going to have to be more than just a technician, you will need to be a manager and leader as well. And since you aren't going to hire all of these employees at the end of they year, you must become that manager immediately, so that you are prepared for the first new hire. Literally, you have to be the manager of a $100K business, even before the business gets there.

Next you know that you are going to have to increase your sales, but by how much? Double? Or maybe even more (with the increased costs associated with growth). But how are you going to do this? For the first time, you will have a marketing strategy - a plan to generate the desire for potential customers to want and desire your services more than anyone else's. But you don't know anything about marketing - so you see that you are going to have to learn and become an owner who does. You need to see yourself as owner who understands marketing - long before you actually do.

This list goes on - equipment needed, communication systems, policies and systems are just a few to start with.

So the question you immediately need to ask yourself, are you ready to become the person you need to be to create your goals? Or are you just the person that likes to live life the way you do now - only wishing that all of your goals would come true.

This is a very tough question, because you are going to have to change who you are - give up the security of who and what you are today. You are going to have to become the person who has the goals, not the person that wants the goals.

So, if you have a goal you want to create, figure out who you need to be to make it happen and don't wait to be that person after you reach your goal - Be Who YOU Need To Be NOW!

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  1. Great advice. "Be who you NEED to be" got me thinking. It's true that it's easy to come up with dreams, the hard part is getting there and actually putting in the time and effort. And the ONLY path to get there is to buckle up and work at it!