Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be Willing To Give Up Everything To Get What You Want

Everyone wants to make their dreams come true (The Cinderella Story) - but wanting a dream to happen isn't enough. To create the world you want - to create your dream - you must be willing to give up everything you have. For those who have nothing, that's easy. But for those who actually have a good life or a good business, that's easy said than done.

Each and every one of us has created the world we live in, through our actions, our thoughts and our habits. And as long as we continue to do the same things we've always done and think the same thoughts we've always thought - we will continue to have the same life we've always had - not the one we want.

Unfortunately, creating something different, requires doing different things as well as thinking differently. And this scares the hell out of many people, because it means that they "may" get what they want, but then again, the "may" fail in trying to do so, and lose what they had.

Jim Collins, in his landmark book, Good to Great, states that Good is the ENEMY of Great. What he means by this is that when you have a good life, you will most likely never create a great life. And that is simply because you won't have the drive, the passion, nor the commitment to give up your "Good" life, for the risk of maybe creating a "Great" life or maybe losing everything you already had.

When I start working with clients, the first questions I ask them is "What do you want?" and "What do you want to create with your life / business?" Some have answers, and some don't. But before we can go any further in the coaching process, we must truly gain an understanding what they want. And, often to their dismay, we work on it until we find the answer.

And thus, after knowing what they want to create, I ask them the toughest questions of all, "Are you committed to your goal or vision? Are you willing to give up everything you currently have to create what you want?"

For most people, they've never been challenged in this manner. They've never been asked to give up anything before - let alone everything. But 99 out of 100 times, that is exactly what it takes.

Wait though!!! Before you freak out and think that I'm telling you to give everything up, I didn't say that - What I did say was that you had to be WILLING to give it all up - WILLING to trade what you have for something better. You may not have to. But through the willingness to give it all up, you begin to understand what commitment is.

Think about it. Think back to the biggest commitment you have probably ever made in your life - the commitment to your spouse - to your marriage. Men, before you got done on one knee (if any one still does that), you had to ask yourself and respond affirmatively, "Am I willing to give up the life that I currently have to make something better with the woman I love?" And Women, before you said yes, you had to ask yourself the same question about the man you love. That is the most common example of "willingness" to give up everything you have to create something better, that nearly everyone can understand. That is true commitment.

So, before you step forward and say, "I want more sales." or "I want to make my business run better." STOP. And ask yourself, am I truly committed or do I just want it. Because I'm convinced that if you are truly committed and willing to give up everything you have, you can make it happen. But if you aren't willing to commit COMPLETELY, then quite honestly, you are wasting your time, effort, and money.

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