Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Think you can't learn from your kids?

Why is it that most people overlook some of the simplest, but yet most profound, teachers in our society? Young children. Yep, many times they can teach us more about "grown-up" life and who we are / want to be than we may realize.

Lea of Lea's Blogging Life tells a quick story of her two young girls interacting while doing yoga together. The story provides great life lessons that we all can gain from - including those out there that struggle with making the simplest lessons "too complex" to learn.

Take some time and watch the youth in your life. Watch the way they play and watch how they learn. And then take some time to reflect on what you see. There are life lessons all around us. They are lessons that have applicability to many situations - so long as you slow down long enough to learn them.

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