Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Live with Balance and Live in the Present

Last week I blogged, "Don't Manage Time - Manage Your Priorities" about an email I got from a friend who was struggling with focusing on her desired goals because of the constant attention that being a full time Mom places on her.

With her permission last week, I shared her words - because I found them to be very powerful. And I felt they would resonate with many of you who are Parents and small business owners and feel the same struggles as you try to balance home and work. Those of you trying to answer the question, How do you best manage your time to get everything that you want / need to get done?

So when I got a follow-up email from my friend even more powerful than the first, I again asked her permission to share it with you:

JJ - I started using the log again for my weekly goals. And one thing that I am noticing is that the days where I am accomplishing at least one business goal and one physical, emotional/spiritual and intellectual goal I feel more satisfied and balanced in all those areas. I really believe that balance is the key to living your life to its fullest. Since my email to you last week, I have been making sure that I am doing my best with whatever I am doing at that moment and what a difference that makes!! When I am working on something with the business I try to give it all my attention. And when I am with my kids, I give them my all - I am not feeling guilty about not spending time on the business or vice versa. I think the feeling of guilt really has caused a lot of my stress. Thanks again for all your help and advice!!

The lesson to be learned from this email is not a Business lesson, but a life lesson. And it is simply that we all need to live our lives with balance and to live them in the present.

Balance is everything. But most of us, present company included, are terribly out of balance. We spend all of our time taking care of one or two of our elements in our lives. But we are not not just Intellectual beings. Nor are we just Emotional, Physical, or even Spiritual beings. We are a combination of all four of these elemental aspects of our life. Unfortunately, when you ignore any one of them, it will have repercussions in your long term success. All four elements must be honored and nurtured to have long term health of the mind, heart, body, and soul.

I'm guessing, if you look back in your life and are honest with yourself, you will find that your life was happiest and healthiest when you honored harmony and balance between all of these elements of your life - not just one or two.

Furthermore, living in the present is being able to give all of your "balanced" self (mind, heart, body, and soul) to what you are doing - RIGHT NOW. That means clearing your mind of other activities and giving everything you are to the task at hand - no matter how small or menial it may seem. It's about being the best you can be at that moment - because you know that each thing you do and / or need to do will have it's moment - and you will be just as present then as you are right now.

Spend some time. Look at your life. And evaluate whether or not you are actually living a balanced life and living it in the present.

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