Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Not The Knowledge That Makes The Difference

I've spent the better part of the last three years of my life completely immersed in learning about Business. From marketing to operations and finance to human resources, the focus of my effort has been to learn and to understand how to help small businesses grow.

In my search, I have read hundreds of blogs and dozens of books, watched countless videos and listened to hours of speeches. And in spite of all the great advice out there, the single most important thing that I've learned in all of that, has little to do with any of the published knowledge and everything to do with whether or not people actually act upon the knowledge they learn.

That's right, I'm saying it matters less what you know, and more that you act upon what you know.

I know there are a lot of people that are going to get frustrated with that statement. Because if people actually listen to me, they will stop spending the hundreds of millions of dollars they are currently spending on finding out the answer, and actually begin doing what they need to do to make their businesses grow. . . take action.

It's What You Do, Not What You Know

People rarely get rich based on what they know. They do, however, get rich based on the actions they take based on what they know.

It's not necessarily having the best marketing plan. But instead actually having one and acting on it.

It's not having an MBA from a prestigious University that makes you successful in business, some of the best business men and women in the world don't even have Bachelors degrees. Instead, it's what you do, with the knowledge you have.

So, stop looking for the "silver bullet" answer out there - the one piece of education, one book, one blog, or one story that will shine the light on you. Instead begin implementing what you have learned, and make adjustments as you go and as you learn, practically.

Don't just spend all of your time learning. Start doing.

Start living!


  1. Great post. You are so right, JJ. Taking action is definitely the key.

  2. I think knowledge definitely helps, but you can't wait until you know everything to take action because that day will never come.

  3. Knowledge isn't everything, I agree to a point, but information is so valuable when you know how to get what you need when you need it and how to use it to your advantage.

  4. Absolutely, Kyle and Dr. George, you are both correct about knowledge - it is a necessary component. To some, that is where they must start. What I want to make sure people take away is that if you simply act on what you already know, doing what you know you should be doing and then seek out and apply new ideas to improve your efforts, you will be 1000x further ahead in your Business efforts than simply "knowing it all".

    Thank you so much for the comments.

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