Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't Stop And Expect The World To Stop With You

The more I learn about the human experience, the more I realize that happiness requires growth every day. Not life changing growth each day, but instead, an evolution of spirit which can often only be measured over weeks, months or years.

Avoiding change and stagnation, on the other hand, are poisons to us all. Stability may feel good for a short period to "simplify your life - trying to keep life basic and measured for days at a time. But if you make this your modus operandi, you doom yourself to watching your dreams disappear before you.

The truth is, the world grows and changes around us, along with those who we hold dear to us. As happy as you may be today with what you have or who you are, that too shall pass as the circumstances that create your happiness change before you. Your babies become young adults and need you less. Your youthful, flexible and strong body will become old, and less agile. The industry you are in will evolve and out of it will grow a new industry. Each of these things will disturb your life and necessitate growth on your part - require you to become more than you are today.

Are you ready? Do you know what you want in the future?

Do you have a strategy for moving forward in a positive manner or are you just going to let it happen to you - let life pass you by and sit idly by as it happens?

You don't have to begin with dramatic change. It might work in the short term, but the likelihood of large short term changes creating long term growth towards your desired end is very slim.

Just look at life around you, it changes slowly. Sometimes even imperceptibly. And as such, you should take the same course of action. Build into our life slow and consistent, evolutionary (not revolutionary) change. The kind of change that you may not see at the end of every day, but when viewed over the course of weeks, months and years, the growth is dramatic.

Build small changes into your life that over time will create
the YOU that you want.

For example, if you currently are lacking the educational degree to move forward in your field of expertise, don't quit your job and go back to school full time, take classes - one at a time. Sure it might take a couple years, but before you know, it you will there.

Bottom line, personal change management isn't rocket science. Sure you can try to avoid change in your life, but whether you personally try to change or not, everything around you is. It's not a matter of accepting change or not in your life, instead, it's a matter of participating in it or not.

Don't do it. Change is coming. And it's inevitable even though you may not see it.

Stop being stagnant. And take charge of the changes in your life!


  1. That is excellent advice, JJ. This is the kind of stuff I try to teach my clients. I do coaching as well, specifically to Chiropractors and Anti-aging professionals. Thanks for the great blog, I am really glad I found it.

  2. Dr. George. Thanks for the feedback.