Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's More Than Just Making Goals

As I start this effort of creating a blog, I'm already finding myself searching the "Blogosphere" trying to find a hot topic to bring to you. And no surprise here, since it's January, everyone is talking about goals.

They are talking about goal development coaching sessions, what is a goal and what isn't, when you should create goals, and why you should have goals. And some bloggers are even going as far as walking through the process of building a plan to reach the goals you create.

But, as important as the list of goals are (carefully made up on a neat piece of paper) and as important as is the up-front planning to the process, it's all for naught, if you don't understand one simple concept.

Real commitment to a goal is about being willing to do whatever
it takes to achieve that goal - within the bounds of your moral code.

To achieve your goals, you need more than a list and a plan. You need a mechanism (system) that will hold you to your commitment - you need an accountability system. That system must be objective. And it must be consistent enough for you to be able to count on it - even when you lose your commitment and drive.

So, you are probably saying to yourself, all well and good but can't I do this on my own? Is it all really necessary? Can you achieve great things by not writing down your goals, not building a plan to achieve them with a built in accountability system? Absolutely, but then you are relying more on luck than by process or by choice.

And when you put your future in the hands of fate, a funny thing happens. Everyday, life will find a way to get in the way of your goals.

It always has and it always will. And to think it won't borders on insanity.

If your goal is to eat less than 2000 calories per day (average over a week), then you will (right as you are struggling to stay on track) get invited to 2 evening dinner parties this weekend and someone will have a birthday cake at work. If it didn't happen, Murphy's Law would have never been written.

If your goal is to save money $500 this month, you will be offered a chance to see the Eagles in the Super Bowl on the 50 yard line, five rows off the field - you just need to get yourself there. Heaven knows you can't pass this up, they may finally win a Super Bowl. That is unless they play the Steelers.

These may be exaggerations, but if you don't believe me, look back at why you didn't achieve your goals last year. Was it because the goals were too difficult to achieve, or was it because things came up - things you didn't foresee? Were your goals unrealistic, or did fate jump up and bite you in the butt.

Stop doing the same thing again and again, and ending up with the same result!

Think about it.

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