Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Help Keep This Blog From Being Mundane

According to a Forbes.com writer in a short article on Small Business Blogs, "too many small business blogs are peddling the same prosaic resources you can get from a simple google search".

I do NOT want this to be just the same old crap that you can find anywhere else on the internet. My intent with this blog is to take it beyond just "what to do" and "how to do it". I want to learn and bring my readers along with me on a journey on why certain things need to be done and get them to devise methods for making those things happen in their business. And lastly, it's my desire for everyone small business owner to WANT to do the things that they know they should do - because they understand the power that they have to make their goals happen.

It is my desire to use this blog to take all the great leadership, self-help, and business ideas in history and actually make them work for everyday people.

All for the single purpose of helping you achieve what you truly want to achieve.
Is this going to be hard? Of course it is - nothing worth doing is ever easy. And besides, if it were easy, everyone would already be doing it.

It is the essentially the difference between consulting and coaching. Consulting being a one way communication, whereas coaching is interactive.

So, I will be seeking out your opinions, your struggles, your attitude with each and every blog - I will be reaching out to develop a conversation with all the readers of this blog to generate a discussion that evokes thought - doesn't dictate procedures.

Join me in the free flow of ideas.

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