Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Are A Reflection Of The People We Surround Ourselves With

It's truly amazing how the people you surround yourself with can have an impact on you and your life.

It's not just positive people - but people who make you stretch yourself. It's about being around people you respect. People who challenge you. People who make you question yourself (in a positive way). And people who make you feel good about what you are doing.

It's much easier sometimes to hang around with people who make you feel big, but sometimes it's important to find those who can help you grow to be even bigger.

Napoleon Hill talks about mastermind groups - surrounding yourself with people who are already achieving what you want. That is so true.

If you want to grow your business, mingle and associate with successful business owners and learn from them.

If you want a happy marriage, hang out with happy couples, especially older ones that can mentor you.

If you want more wealth and success, hang out with wealthy and successful people that can guide you through the process you need to follow to achieve personal success.

If you want to be poor, unhappy, and angry about what life is stealing from you every day, surround yourself with people who act that way or are that way, and you will quickly find yourself right there with them.

Stop And Look Around

Now that you understand what impact the people around you have on your life and where you are going, stop and look around. Look at who you have in your life and ask yourself, "Are the people in my life helping me get to where I want to go . . . or are they holding me back?"

Are my friends, family and co-workers in the place that I'm trying to get to, or not?

Are there people out there that you could surround yourself with that will get you closer to what you want?

Stop and think about it. And begin to take action to help yourself get what you want. . . by surrounding yourself with the people that are either already there or can help you get there.


  1. A concept we all too often forget because we get comfortable with the people we have in our lives. As I always try to remind myself - Am I surrounding myself with the people who have my best interest at heart?

  2. Gloria, Thanks for the feedback. You are right, surround yourself with the people who care and truly want the best for you. JJ

  3. I had a friend when I was younger whose Mom would always say: "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future..."

    Great post. I always appreciate your insights and reminders. Thanks!

  4. It's seems logical to hang out with what you want to become. The biggest obstacle to hanging out with "our future" is the sense of personal risk. We give too much credit to our fears. When we're with people who live our aspirations, it can be surprisingly comfortable in a rather anticlimatic sort of way. Before we know it, we're acting and doing the new "norm."

  5. Wendy, your friend's Mom was very insightful. We all need to realize how much those that surround us affect our lives.

    Thank you so much for the feedback.


  6. Elli, So true. As I share with my clients, success is much more gradual in coming to you than you may have dreamed of it. Just take small steps daily, even if its just "hanging out" with those living your aspirations (as you put it), and you will be surprised of the long term impact on both your business and you life.

    Thanks for the feedback,

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