Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do It Anyway!

*** Warning: Bold Truth Spoken in this Blog ***
Not for the faint of heart

Ever have one of those days, when you don't feel up for doing the right thing or just don't want to do what you know you have to do - or need to do - to accomplish your goals?

Do it anyway!

Whether you want to believe it or not, you have chosen your way into the situation you are in today, and if you don't want to be there - stop feeling sorry for yourself and do what you need to do - regardless of how you feel.

Behave your way out of the rut!

Very often, I talk to people who are having a bad day, bad week, and sometimes a bad year. They are stuck in a rut and can't see their way out. And, in spite of a deep understanding of what they need to do, they don't do it. That's right, time and time again, they can't get themselves to do what they know they should do - what they know is going to make a difference in their lives, because it's either too hard or because they feel it's below them at this stage of their life. Literally, they think something magical is going to happen that will lift them out of their rut and set them back on the right course.

Well, here's a little realism - it ain't gonna happen. If you want to get out of the rut - if you want to stop getting the same results you've always gotten - then you have to behave your way out.

It's not about doing just anything - do what you know you should be doing!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not telling you to do things you don't want to do just for the sake of doing them. No, I'm not saying that at all. Instead what I am telling you is that you need to figure out what you want, first. And then do the things that will make it happen and behave the way you need to behave. Even . . . if you don't "feel" like doing it. It really is that simple.

Get over your feelings and do it anyway.

You will feel good about it afterward - when you are out of the rut and light years closer to your goal.

So, if you don't feel that you should have to work a little longer day, do some extra research, cut your expenses, eat healthier, or make a phone call or two, that doesn't really matter. If you know it's going to make a difference - Do It Anyway!

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  1. When I hit a 'rut kind of day', I give myself two options: 1 – I can be a Hero or 2 - I can be a victim! Below are the definitions of each -

    Heroes make things happen, look for possibilities around them, see the good in others and reach out to make a difference.

    Victims make excuses, remain in the rut and are living from such low points they don't have anything left to help others around them.

    We all have ‘rut days’ … choosing to be a hero is by far the more empowered choice!

    PS: Thanks for the post JJ - I'm always amazed at your ability to share something new and insightful EVERY DAY! It is inspiring! ... The actions of a HERO!